Econthon is a unique annual event organized by the AEA celebrating the policy of open data.

The idea is to open for 24 hours all the data at our disposal to the public, primarily targeting young researchers and aspiring scholars, and have them design interesting models, applications, research proposals etc., based on the data available to them. We would target young researchers, under the age of 30, who would all be competing against each other. The tools at their disposal would be computer programs: STATA, R, SPSS, SAS, Python, C++, and the like.

The winning idea will be chosen based on its quality and applicability. The winner will be awarded a monetary prize (TBA), free admission to the AEA Annual Conference, an option to present their idea (and paper) at the Annual Conference, and a two-year membership in the Association (which will have an option to be extended under the condition that the member satisfies the Criteria of excellence).