Why donate? 

By donating to the Adriatic Economic Association you will be supporting a community of young researchers and scholars with top quality research projects aimed at building a state-of-the-art regional research institution, and a subsequent desire to develop their countries.

The goal of the organization is to use rigorous scientific research based on access to big data in order to uncover corrupt practices, frauds and inefficiencies in the societies of the South Eastern European region, and by doing so helping build and sustain better democracies.

You will be helping to fight corruption, nepotism, incompetence in decision-making, and an overall negative selection of human resources in all spheres of the SEE societies. Your contribution will be used to pile pressure on increasing political accountability in the region, improving policy-making by promoting scientific-based solutions, improving academic and scientific standards in the region, and educating the general population.

How much can you donate?

You can donate between 10 euros up to 5000 euros per single individual or entity. The upper limit on donations is to maintain independence of any outside influence. This is not applied to grants for scientific projects, only to individual or corporate donations.

How to donate?

Our account IBAN is:
Zagrebacka Banka, Unicredit Group

Or click on the link below. It will take you to a specific site where you can chose how you would like to support the goals of the AEA.

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