The main goal of the AEA is to become the forefront of academic research in the SEE region, and is dedicated to connecting top scholars originating from the region but either living and working at top institutions abroad, or working at domestic institutions but lacking a stimulative enough environment to further their research interests.

Furthermore by connecting the best researchers and scholars from the region we will focus our energy into re-shaping the institutional foundations of our societies. This implies using high-quality scientific research and access to big data to expose corruption, nepotism and inefficiencies, demand more political accountability, improve policy-making by promoting scientific-based solutions, improve academic and scientific standards in the region, and educate the general population in order to help build a better functioning democracy.

Finally, our goals are also to promote open access to data. We believe that all data should be publicly accessible to promote transparency of decision-makers and to provide better solutions to some of the region’s burning issues. We dedicate ourselves to gather and distribute data thus creating a public good for our societies.

Our goals are also:

  • Promoting collaborative research in members countries
  • Expanding network of researchers that satisfy our Criteria of excellence
  • Merging datasets across countries for a better research base
  • Organizing conferences and public initiatives